WM Pharmacopoeia

At the heart of our Quality Philosophy is the commitment to achieve a level of perfection that matches the highest international standards. Through the whole cycle of manufacturing including drug development, application of the latest technology, manufacturing and Quality Control are performed in accordance with current regulations such as GMP, GCP and GLP.

A total commitment to quality, coupled with international exposure to technology, aids us in our efforts to help save human lives worldwide.

Besides all above mentioned standards, World Medicine has a final test of Quality Control. This is a simple test :

If we ask ourselves without fail,

«Would we use it to treat ourselves or our dearest ones?»

And the answer is an unhesitant «Yes»

For us, this is an inner quality test.

We call this «World Medicine Pharmacopoeia»

Today, we are proud of our high quality products attract a great trust, loyalty and support of medical professionals and consumers in all countries of presence.