Our Strength

World Medicine has global partnerships with fully staffed big pharma R&D centers which are doing new drug discovery and development studies for World Medicine allowing the compant to be a market innovator in the countries of presence ensuring registration procedures of demanding products in a timely manner.

World Medicine has partnerships with high-quality, well-known and high-technology global pharmaceutical manufacturers who are required to sign up to the global standards together with a huge expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as complying with international labour laws.

World Medicine has its own highly professional sales and marketing teams comprising of talented people who are the core power of our competitiveness and guarantee of our success leading to highly efective results in every single country of presence.

World Medicine has a centralized distribution facility enabling the company to consolidate orders across product lines and send a single shipment to its wholly-owned subsidiaries. As a corporate centralized distribution center based in London and Istanbul, it would also give World Medicine the capability of consolidating products from manufacturing partners worldwide.

World Medicine has its own national importers, wholesalers and distributors for our products allowing us to have effective distribution network consistently covering the territory for the permanent customers such as pharmacies and hospitals and a greater market penetration across the countries where we operate.

We’re proud to have wholly-owned national and regional pharmacy chains ensuring millions of people can access their prescriptions. We have also number of pharmacists and assisting staff to provide fast, friendly service and expert customer care.

World Medicine has a lot of manufacturing partners worldwide which are totally qualified to manufacture a wide variety of pharmaceuticals in accordance with accepted international standards of both Europe and the USA. These partnerships allow World Medicine to combine all of these qualifications of the partners in its manufacturing capability.

World Medicine has a full cycle of introduction of a pharmaceutical product from development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution to the end-user selling point allowing company to have competitive advantage in the market.